Boss Babe Pak

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This Pak is perfect for the Boss Babe in your life!

The star of the show being the new GirlFriday Planner in Beige. This undated quarterly planner helps with planning Weekly Budgets, Monthly Reviews, Monthly Calendar and your Daily Schedule.

A tempered glass water bottle with bamboo top and pink silicon cover will help them stay hydrated and stylish all day. 

Can of Tread Softly Prosecco to celebrate any achievement. 

Assorted Tavalon Teas to have brewed hot or cold. 

Slab of Amy Sargeantson Ruby chocolate for the 3pm pick me up. 

Lastly the perfect pen to jot down all important thoughts.

Comes in our natural Kraft box with paper fill and gift card with your personal note. 

If you want to add any of our other products to this pak simply go to the Build Your Own section and add away!