Rise & Shine Pak

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This is for the go getter, the boss babe, the one who deserves to simply Rise And Shine everyday! 

The GirlFriday Planner in Beige is undated and can be started at anytime - the perfect assistant for anyone and comes with the perfect pen

The Laughing Pug coffee and Quarter Past coffee syrup in either Caramel or Vanilla - the best way to start a day

Dual pair of Murph & Sax clay studs - a power statement stud in a solid nude or a marbled mix of nude and white (think vanilla bean ice cream) 

This Pak would be perfect to celebrate a promotion, birthday, or simply to let them know they are crushing it in life 😉

If you wish to add a Snug Mug simply go to the Build Your Own section and add the colour mug you choose. 

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